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October 20, 2012
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Leaving the party a little drunk, we were stopped at a police checkpoint on the road and my wife, who was driving, was arrested. It was a minor offence, but she was taken into custody until her trial...two weeks later! She was finally released after paying a high fine, but during those two weeks she was kept in jail with the common felons.
I was shocked the first time I was allowed to visit her: she was wearing just a skimpy prison gown and was barefoot and shackled, like the other women.
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imreadonly2 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Dear Warden PaveIn,

My Aunt spent two weeks in your prison two years ago for a drunk driving offense.  Several of my sorority sisters were planning a Spring Break vacation and we were wondering if we might stay at the prison farm too?  Would our work assignments be sufficient to pay for our upkeep?  

I'm unfamiliar with your local laws.  Would a Magistrate be able to sign us into the prison without actually convicting us or accusing us of an offense.  Several of the girls are from good families and are concerned that there is nothing on their records.

My Aunt told me that you and your assistants watch as the girls are "processed in" and shackled.  What is the processing procedure like, and given our circumstances is it necessary for you to be present the entire time.  Some of my sisters are quite modest.  

Here's a list of our majors, which might assist you in a selecting suitable work assignments for us:

1)  Rebecca, 20, Pre-Med (straight A average)
2)  Dawn, 19, speaks French, 2nd place state science fair
3)  Brittany, 24, Bachelor's in Accounting, CPA, pursuing her masters
4)  Jennifer, 21, Class President, Pre Law

What work assignments might we expect?  Thank you for your time,

Jennifer Lee
PavelN Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Dear Jennifer,
It has been a pleasant surprise to find out that young ladies like yourself are so much interested in our sometimes misunderstood local law enforcement system.

If you and your friends want to spend a few weeks learning submissiveness to the legal authorities, you will be most welcome.

It won't be necessary a conviction to be lodged in our prison farm, as it is the case of many of the inmates. There is even a legal figure called "voluntary chain gang work" in cases like yours or when the female prisoners actually have not committed a crime, but are there for their own protection and/or education.
Whatever the reason the inmates are in the farm, they are submitted to the same procedures and regulations. 

1-Upon their processing, the inmates must leave all their belongings in custody. During their whole incarceration, they must wear only the striped knee-length prison gown and go barefoot and with their ankles shackled with the regulation leg irons.
2-My permanent presence won't be strictly necessary, since there are other deputy wardens to take care of the prisoners.
3-Suitable labors will be working in the fields, local dirt road repair and street sweeping in public places in town.

Looking forward to see you here,
Best regards,

Pavel Naguev
Female Barefoot Chain Gang Warden
imreadonly2 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Dear Warden,

Thank you for your prompt and informative answer.

You said we would be governed by the same procedures and regulations. Would this include the rules regarding corporal punishment?  My Aunt said that new-bee prisoners were customarily given court ordered "welcoming" strappings upon their arrival.  (My Aunt got six "licks" across her bare bottom for her intoxication upon her arrival, and was strapped twice more for "laziness.")  

Since we have committed no crime, may I assume we would we be exempt from punishments?

You said your presence wouldn't be "necessary" but you did not say whether you would watch?  I am concerned because my Aunt said you watched her internal contraband examination.  Would such an examination be necessary given our status as visitors?  Also, would it be necessary for us to be deloused or could we provide you with the proper medical assurances that we were "clean"? 

I was a bit surprised that you would assign a CPA and a girl fluent in French to road work?  Are you / will you fully take into account our job skills?  Dawn actually is earning her degree in agricultural engineering; what sort of work could be expected to do on your farm?  Although she will only have a week it might be very handy for her to do a top-to-bottom appraisal of your systems, which are quite primitive from what I understand.

Should we bring our own underwear and toiletries?  

If we dress as inmates, how will the guards know we are not prisoners?

I read that under the "voluntary" program female guests still have to submit paperwork and appear before a judge before they can be released.   Since our Spring Break is only a week, how long does this process take?

My Aunt hand shackle sores on her ankles that lasted for months.  Will be able to take off our shackles at night and cream our skin to prevent these abrasions?

Thank you very much for your hospitality.  I am looking forward to our visit, and promise to work hard and obey the rules.  

Warmest Regards,

Jennifer Lee 
PavelN Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Dear Mrs.Jennifer,
Here in prison you will be called by a number, but still you are Jennifer.
Don't whine about the sort of work you will be forced to do, that's part of the fun. Walking barefoot and with your ankles chained over rough soil will be very educational for spoiled brats like you. You won't be punished by being spanked on your buttocks, that's for hardened criminals. But you will be beaten, regularly, I'd dare to say, on the soles of you feet. That will teach you humility and obedience too.
And forget about creams and all that nonsense. Here you will be and feel like real prisoners.
Please forget about all those childish things and come to the prison. You will be welcomed as you deserve!
Pavel N.
imreadonly2 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2014

Dear Warden Pavel,


I was in the showers late on Friday night when Judge Budsky came in with some of his friends.  I was very embarrassed because I was entirely naked in the showers except for the shackles around my ankles.  But I think he recognized me from court on Monday because when he saw me he smiled and walked over to see me.


He and his friends were staring right at my bare bottom, and he told me to "face me when I talk to you, convict" so reluctantly I turned around. He told me he "liked the pretty blonde curls between your legs and your straight blonde hair" and he and his friends laughed as I blushed. 


He asked me what my work assignment was and I told him I got up ever morning before the sun came up and walked for miles to a pig farm. We worked all days and sometimes I was in pig filth up to my knees.  The pig filth turned my feet black.  The smell was terrible and when we walked back to the prison late at night in the dark children and stranger would call out rude things to us, calling us "little piggies" and "filthy sows."

I told him the guards were very strict with us and treated us like we were real inmates.  He smiled and said, "That's because you are a real inmate, my little American golden girl."


He asked me how long we worked every day and I told him I didn't know because I had no watch or clock but I was exhausted and my hands were covered in callouses, then I showed him my hands and shackle sores.  He said I was too pretty for the pig farm and he was going to arrange a "more suitable assignment" working as a "hostess" in town.  I explained that I wasn't a prostitute, and I was supposed to be released on Monday. 

The Judge looked angry and asked me if I was "a proud American bitch" who thought I was "too good to spread her creamy white thighs for him?" I said that wasn't what I meant. 


Judge Busky said he wanted to release me but I needed to pay my court costs first and I would pay it faster if I worked in town.  He said I would still work barefoot and in shackles and work the same hours, but it will be "on your back, with your bare feet in the air, or on your knees, sucking like a baby for your supper."  He explained that as the presiding judge he got a percentage of my earnings, and he wanted to "get me humping" as soon as possible.  He said I had a "sweet round American ass" and promised to visit me in town. Then he told me to "scrub up good between your legs, and it get it clean, because I can still smell the pig shit on you."  After ogling me and my friends for a while, and commenting on our "nice round titties" and "sweet American asses", he left. 


I am not a prostitute and I am supposed to be released on Monday.  When I was arrested I had over $3,000 in American money with me; can that be used to pay for my court costs?  What are my court costs anyway?  If they cannot please wire my father and he will send the money necessary to release me and my friends on Monday.  I will be more than happy to pay whatever fee is required, and a handsome gratuity!


Thank you for your help and assistance.

Jennifer Lee
Inmate #737-37578
PavelN Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Inmate 737-37578,
Notice that you are not anymore "dear Jennifer". SInce you have been duly processed you are just one more barefoot inmate. Cease whining and whimperong like the spoiled brat you are or else you will learn sooner that usual the feeling of the "lathi"on the pink soles of you pampered bare feet.
You belong to us , body and soul, for the duration of your sentence. And yes, there are administrative expenses for you processing, I forgot to tell you. Calculating it rapidly, I would estimate it in the equivalent of 7,345 dollars. As your money and belongings have been confiscated temporarily, I have to say that you have nothing to pay with, except your work. As prisoners are paid one dollar per hour and you will work ten hours a day, seven days a week, it will be easy for an educated girl like you to calculate how long it will take you to pay that fee. You will not be released until paying the last cent to the prison authorities and the court that jydged over your case.
Better go back to your work, you are no more than a slave.
Warden Pavel N.,
Female convicts Headmaster,
imreadonly2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014

Dear Warden,


I have tried to hold out slopping the hogs but I am exhausted.  They work us hard and every muscle and bone in my body aches.  I am so hungry!  Sometimes the girls will stick some of the disgusting pig slop into their own mouths just to survive.  They caught Rebecca doing it and she was given the lathi across her bare feet, with everyone watching.  She had to crawl in the slop, and the other girls and I carried her back to the prison. 


Some of the girls survive on what the guards call a "high protein diet".  Sometimes if you blow one of the guards they will give you some food and leave you in your cell to rest.  I have done this a couple of times when I thought I wouldn't make it.  But I am NOT a prostitute and felt humiliated and ashamed.


Rebecca and Brittany went to work as hostesses.  Rebecca couldn't walk and Brittany went with her to help her.  As soon as they agreed to be hostesses they were moved to separate cells and given food and medical treatment.  Best yet, they didn't have to slop pigs anymore.  But they were taken into town, and put to work at the brothel. 


You earn money much faster there since sometimes they let you keep a percentage of your tips if you work hard.  They made love to each other in front of some visiting Japanese businessmen and earned $25.  They were both so happy.


$8,000 is nothing to my family; I can pay twice that easily if you let me contact my parents.  Rebecca told that to the Judge when he visited her.  He laughed and told her to wrap her legs around him tightly, and she would pay "with her sweet, tight American pussy."  The good news is it only took him about two minutes to finish and even though he was laughing at her the whole time he left her a $10 tip.  That's more than I earn in a week.  He told her she should keep "wiggling her ass" because "hard work builds character."


I am working so very hard, and I need help.  I am not a prostitute, but I cannot survive here for years. Please!  I will do anything!


Inmate 737-37578
PavelN Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Inmate  737-37578,
Stop whining! If some prisoners are selected to earn their wages doing some special tasks,most still do they chores in the traditional way. There is a lot of work to be done, like sweeping the streets, performing road maintenance or field labor that cannot be posponed. I presume you have seen to many sexplotation WIP films for your own sake.
There is one interesting alternative for you if you want to apply. There is a new project to discourage crime in which a group of female prisoners in full jail attire (soiled striped prison dress and bare feet) are taken in leg irons to certain spots where people meet, like shopping malls, conventions and fairs and exhibited in public as a deterrent for crime. You would be put to work as usual but with a billboard nearby with your respective names, offences and sentences to be served. It will be extremely humiliating yet fery useful for the community to see you being punished in such way.
Pavel N.
Head WM
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waistchain Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Absolutely lovely... This picture deserves a well developed story. ;)
PavelN Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Be my guest! I am feeling lazy lately... :)
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